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 Post subject: my wireless mouse isn't working even if i deleted the BEM
Thanked: 0 time(s)  Unread post Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:28 pm 
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hi guys

i use the program to bot in rapplez game and worked corectly
bu the wireless mouse isn't moving at all
tried every single solution on web but it dosn't mater still not working

uninstalled vertial driver and BEM and problem still exist
tried to download mouse drivers updated the current and uninstalled it but all of that useless

tried my ouse on another pc it's working and tries another worked mouse on my laptop is't not working

tried wirless mouse/keyboard
mouse isn't working but keyboard worked

and by the way touch pad is working

my brain has frozen can't fix it !

don't say install windows plz
i have many prodrams that will take about 10 days to install it again
thank u

and btw there is no restored point to restore it ......

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 Post subject: Re: my wireless mouse isn't working even if i deleted the BE
Thanked: 0 time(s)  Unread post Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:12 pm 
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Partner / License admin
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You need to update your synaptics drivers. Windows has always had this issue with laptops and external mouse drivers; when there's an update (to any of them, Windows drivers, mouse, trackpad, or synaptics) then Windows always causes an issue with the external mouse until you update the synaptics drivers.

It used to always just give blue screen of death, but Windows tried to fix it with the newest updates so it won't blue screen but will disable the mouse (and/or lock the screen) it still causes an issue, but won't blue screen now (or at least it shouldn't).

The synaptic drivers are the ones that tell Window's laptops to disable the trackpad when there's an external mouse hooked up (or select an option of what to do when an external mouse is plugged in). It's always been the culprit when anyone posts a message like this. It happened to me too and it doesn't matter if you are using BEM or not; BEM doesn't have anything to do with it. I've had it happen on laptops without BEM. It's just timing of when there's an update.

An easy way to force it to breaking (which I don't recommend) is to start the laptop with an external mouse plugged in and after Windows has loaded, unplug the external mouse. If the synaptic drivers are not current then you're laptop will crash/freeze, and at the least your mouse will stop working next time you plug it in. So to prevent it you should do the opposite: don't unplug an external mouse with the laptop on (unless you're sure the synaptic drivers are up to date).

Hope that helps. Updating the synaptic drivers has always resolved this issue and you don't need to uninstall BEM or the drivers to fix it, just update the synaptic drivers.

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