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 Post subject: Returne and summary of what to do in game first..
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Okay guys, so after like 4 or 5 years gone, not sure anymore, I and my lil bro decided to play this game again.

As you all know, in game G.M.s are now somehow banning botters.

This post is a summary of all the relevant info we should take note of, I hope this helps you all out.

1. Seals are important and in my opinion should be your priority.
a. Get ATTACK seals first, for faster levelling.
b. DEFENSEseals, so that enemy digis will usually hit you for 1 damage even until Pyramid entrance map. (Get at least defense seals bonus to 1000.)
c. If you want to be relevant in doing raids/boss/arena , invest in HIT seals so that you don't miss with your normal attacks.[
d. As endgame investment, also get HP seals, so that you survive longer doing raids.
e. Block seals in my opinion are also worth taking if you have your main Digi at Perfect clon block, when you get your block seals mastered, total block chance for normal attacks go up to 98%, getting only 1000 of each block seals get you to 95% block chance. Not really worth investing at if you have not enough money, only invest if you already finished investing in the other seals, accessory, perfect cloning and getting skills,deck and title you need.
f. Evade and Crit seals at the moment in my opinion are irrelevant because it is easy to get these to 100% even without perfect cloning it on most digis. Spend on these if you want/have excess money.

Watch this for more in depth guide, credit to owner, not mine.

2. Accessories are more important and worth than perfect cloning or cloning a Digi.

a. Why? Because investing on a single Digi cloning might cost you around 20t to 50t with just normal cloning, and this works on a single digi.
b. But I want to clon my main Digi. Okay, I do too, but my point is, its much more money savvy to invest now first on good accessory before your main Digi.
c. Okay, which accessory should I get? All of them, and by that I mean Ring, Necklace and Earring.
d. Okay, so many versions of accessory, which one do I get? I think the general consensus is that at least get a perfect stat ring, necklace and earring. Personally, I'd recommend going for an Aural Ring, Aural Necklace and Aural Earring if you don't have that much money yet.
e. Okay so I got those accessories, what do I do with them? Get to tamer level 70 and equip them, check out this video to see more details about ideal stats and which ones to get.

Watch this for more in depth guide, credit to owner, not mine.

3. Titles and Deck buff.
a. Best one in game in my opinion is the 15% attack speed buff, if you cannot get it, go for the 8% attack speed buff, just hatch all 8 digimons, Agumon, Gabumon, Palmon, Piyomon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Patamon, Salamon. Make sure to get the non jogress ones.
b. Hunt for and equip a title that gives stat boost to HP in my opinion.

Here are the list of decks,

4. Prices have gone crazy up. How to make money?
a. Although in part to those who super abused the game, and us of course for playing with macro, all server economies have gone crazy. To make money these days, here are the things we can do.
b. Seal farming and selling. Depends on each server, generally though, on average, attack seals sell 50m and upwards, MarinDevi seals from MC7s sell for 500m to 700m a piece.
c. MC Card selling, farm MC6 cards and sell them for 80 to 150m a piece
d. X Ticket selling, farm X tickets in Verdandi map, they sell for 500m a piece. Easiest method is to farm Dracmons. How? Kill Dracmons, they spawn Sangloupmon, kill Sangloupmon, they spawn Matadormon, kill Matadormon, they spawn Grandracmon. Each kill gives 2 x tickets. The more of use who do this, the faster it will be.

5. Arena, what is it?
a. Do this daily, until at least stage 20, with 3 runs, you can get 40 points daily, you get miracle fruits, backups and possibly 3 5/5 eggs daily.
b. Weekly to seasonal rewards, you can get S clon, BM items, Riding items and other useful things.

6. Drop caps are gone, please don't abuse though.
a. As said, GMs are banning people these days, if you macro/bot, please be responsible and don't use it to make prices go even higher, and please don't flame(hate speech) others who are against us who macro, both of us are people and have our wants and rights, in game though, macroing is illegal and they are in the right, still, show respect and give respect. Do not abuse bot and be responsible, remember, if we get banned, its our fault and nobody elses.

7. Upcoming updates and which digimons to invest on?
In summary, at the moment, best digimon in stats are Alphamon Ouryuken X for X jogress, Fanglongmon and Susanoomon are the runner ups in jogress list, next are the burst modes, the best one will be arguably Dexmon X and Satan mode. Check out youtuber fontes on his video details about the updates.

8. Sorry if some things are not detailed enough, Im too tired already. Thank you and good luck to us.

File comment: Necklace max stats and ideal options. Attack speed, CD, attack/attrib
Perfect Necklace Stats.PNG
Perfect Necklace Stats.PNG [ 378.39 KiB | Viewed 945 times ]
File comment: Earring max stats and ideal options (you can get 4 stats with Radiant Earring, Ideally, CD CD HIT HP)
Perfect Earring Stats.PNG
Perfect Earring Stats.PNG [ 346.47 KiB | Viewed 945 times ]
File comment: Ring max stats and ideal options, in my opinion, better to go for ATTACK ATTACK HP HP for survivability.
Perfect Ring Stats.PNG
Perfect Ring Stats.PNG [ 358.17 KiB | Viewed 945 times ]

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