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Hello World! Need some advice...
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Author:  SamManiac1998 [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Hello World! Need some advice...

Got to know this site exists recently.

Any one free to explain to a noob how scripts work here?
I came here looking for a Digimon Links bot but that doesn't seem to be listed in the games here.

Author:  Syrifina [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello World! Need some advice...

BEM was made so that non-coders/programmers could make their own custom macros easily. We tried to make scripting intuitive.

The main 2 components used are either an "instruction" or "criteria"; which are listed here under our documentation page: viewforum.php?f=135. You would use one of those listed [dot] what you want to do.

For example if you wanted to script the keyboard typing something, you would use "keyboard.type" If you want the mouse to click something, you would use "" It can get much more complicated, but using the documentation page will help you out; all the commands are listed there under sections like keyboard, mouse, window, system, color, etc.

Of course the easiest way to get started is to simply record a macro. Hit "record", do what you want, then play it back. There's a forum search in the upper right corner of the page, because there are many threads on this forum on how to do what want you want. If you can't find it, then post a thread with a question and the community will help you out. There's also "demos" loaded in BEM when you first use it so that you can use for reference when just starting out.

You can also do a search for "tutorials" or "guide" and there is a section on video tutorials also. Here's a good thread to get you started with videos: viewtopic.php?f=111&t=22190

Welcome to the community. If you have specific questions, just post.

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