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Running Macro on Gepard protected server.
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Author:  Roan1234321 [ Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Running Macro on Gepard protected server.

Some of you might have hard time making the macro work on you server w/ gepard or hashield protection since they block click and key stroke from macros.

For BEM to work in this server.

First, You must be running the BEM on Windows 7.

Second, Install the Virtual drive for mouse and keyboard from BEM Settings. This will make the clicks and keystroke appear in the system as physical mouse and keyboard. Does make gepard or some alike protection to not recognize it as macro.

Installing Virtual drive from BEM.
1. Open BEM,
2. On BEM go to General Tab then click settings.
3. A new window will appear named Settings.
4. On Settings window go to Inputs Tab.
5. Under Inputs Tab go to Virtual Section
6. Click Install then select your Operating system.
7. After Installing click save and restart your Computer.
8. After restarting. Open BEM>General Tab then settings.
9. Go to Inputs tab.
10. Under Inputs tab go to Mouse section then Select Virtual driver. then.
11. Under Inputs tab go to Keyboard section then Select Virtual driver. then click save.
12. Restart BEM or if there is a need to restart you computer restart it.
13. Finish now Keystroke from BEM will be recognize as physical mouse and keyboard by Gepard or Hashield.

Enjoy using BEM.

If this help thank me.
for request for macros or bot for farming reply on this thread.

Author:  shad8049 [ Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Running Macro on Gepard protected server.


I need help.
Would it be too much to ask you if you can make a farming bot on infamyro for me?
I'm kinda noob on this.
I want it to farm on payon dungeon 4 on sohee.
If you need any details please let me know.

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